Q: Can I feed my own food to the alpaca?

A: Alpacas are strictly herbivorous and only consume plant-based foods. They are not able to properly digest animal products such as milk, cheese, or meat. Therefore, we kindly ask that you only feed the food that we have specifically prepared for the alpacas. Thank you for your cooperation.

Q: Can alpacas wear floral crowns or hats?

A: While alpacas can wear decorative items, they tend to dislike anything that’s too close to their ears or eyes. We recommend using a floral wreath around their neck instead. A wreath with a circumference of approximately 850mm tied behind the alpaca’s neck works well and is a great way to add a touch of beauty to your alpaca photoshoot.

Q: Can we select the color of the alpacas for our event?

A: We offer alpacas in a variety of colors, but availability may vary at different times. The selection of alpacas to be used for your event is ultimately up to the owners. However, we will do our best to fulfill your request and make sure your event is unforgettable.

Q: Can I rent the alpacas for just one hour?

A: Unfortunately, the preparation and grooming of the alpacas, along with loading, travel time, and other logistics, are significant factors in providing our services. Therefore, we do not offer discounts for rental periods less than two hours.

Q: Can I hire just one alpaca for my event?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide just one alpaca for rent. Alpacas are social herd animals and they feel stressed and lonely when kept alone. They are always looking for companionship and it is important to keep them in pairs or more.

Q: How can we use the alpacas for our event?

A: Alpacas are very cute and very photogenic! Just having them around is already entertaining! Use them for your photoshoot for unique and interesting photos and your photographer will love it.

Your guests will also love to meet these adorable animals full of attitude! A good time to have them at the wedding is after the ceremony or before the reception as this is a time where your guests can engage with them, touch them, take selfies and memorable experiences are created! We can also have a bit of alpaca nuggets on hand, but just a reminder that alpacas do spit…and especially over food.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement for walking an alpaca?

A: Children and toddlers of all ages are welcome to join and experience the alpacas. However, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and under constant adult supervision while enjoying the alpaca experiences. We have established specific guidelines for walking the alpacas, and parents are responsible for ensuring the safety and behavior of all children during the entire duration of the experience. Please read HERE for the Guidelines for alpacas walking.

Q: How can I prevent alpacas from spitting on me?

A: Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot avoid it. Alpacas belong to the Camelid family, which also includes camels and llamas, and they all spit! Alpacas typically do not spit at people intentionally. They spit at each other as a display of dominance and competition when it comes to food. However, their spit can travel in any direction, which can make for a comical and unforgettable experience.