1. Adult supervision is required for children under 16 years of age. Accompanying adults are responsible for ensuring the safety of the children.
  2. All members of each group, including adults and children, must remain calm and behave in a relaxed and polite manner when interacting with the alpacas. Running around or agitating the animal by shouting is strictly prohibited.
  3. It is important to avoid walking directly behind the alpacas, as they may kick out if they feel threatened.
  4. Running with the alpacas or pulling excessively on their halter is not allowed.
  5. Toddlers and young children should not be in control of the alpacas. If your young child wants to participate, ask for a second lead rope.
  6. Please stay on the grassed areas and avoid walking the alpacas across the driveway, car park, or near the creek.
  7. If you have trouble getting your alpaca to move, please ask our handler for assistance. Do not yank on the lead.
  8. Anyone who behaves in an unsafe manner or distresses any animal will have their alpaca experience terminated early without a refund.